What inspires us

What we look for

Authentic manages a concentrated portfolio, and makes just 4-6 new investments each year.

We are hands-on and work closely with our companies. With the help of the Authentic Network, we work partner with exceptional founders to help them succeed.

To date, about one third of our investments have been in fintech or software companies serving financial institutions.

Here's What we look for

Shared values

We invest in founders who share our values. To work with us you must demonstrate trust, honesty, integrity, inclusion and a willingness to put customers and stakeholders first.

Early stage

We typically invest first in Seed or Seed Extension rounds where we believe we can add the most value. We also selectively invest in Series A and Series B rounds

Hard Problems

We only invest in founders solving problems that, if solved, can create a tremendous amount of value for customers and stakeholders. Bold, ambitious visions are favored over modest ones.

Product Market Fit

We favor early stage companies that can demonstrate initial product market fit with a modest amount of capital. We look for meaningful evidence of product market fit in our Series A and Series B investments.

Areas of Interest

We invest primarily in enterprise software companies. Companies leveraging Machine Learning and AI to drive automation in the enterprise are of particular interest. We also invest in FinTech, digital health, deep tech and selectively in consumer companies.

Technical background

We consider companies with a solo founder but generally prefer two or more founders, where at least one has a technical background. Many of the SAAS software founders we back have engineering or product management backgrounds with prior startup or growth company experience and a track record of effective leadership.