Portfolio Company Founders

Distance Traveled

We invest in early stage companies solving big problems with exceptional teams.

We believe that where you come from is just as important as where you’re headed and that nothing is more authentic than growth that comes from overcoming long odds.

Learn more about some of our portfolio companies and their founders, below.

Ryan Rich, Ross Rich, and Wayne Pan

Cameron MacArthur

Mark Angel & Pete Jungwith

Harish Doddi & Jerry Xu

Camille Hearst

Lisa Curtis

Praveen Shanbhag

Doug Heske

Vikas Murali & Andrew Xue

John Andrew Entwistle

Jessica McKellar, Jeff Arnold, and Waseem Daher

Deborah Hanus

Sargun Kaur & Nicole Hardson-Hurley

Waleed Mohsen

Ronnie Kwesi Coleman, Steph Nachemja-Bunton & Max Farago

Sean Smith

Jessica Murrey & Alicia Clifton

Nate Tepper

Michael Louis & Jono Irwin

Matt Plotke

Nathan Pinto & Frank Santoni

Stealth Company

(Enterprise Software)

Prior Investments