LookBeyond TheVisible


Great founders solving hard problems, might be the single greatest challenge of our generation. Wherever and whoever they are – we endeavor to find them. Solutions to hard problems are more likely to come from diverse teams. Our mission is to seek out unrecognized talent, especially with respect to women and people of color. To many, this talent is invisible. But they exist. And we believe that the next world changing idea will, in fact, come from one of them.

“Talent is equally distributed. Opportunity is not.”
Darren Walker, CEO, Ford Foundation
“Growing up in a creative household, I learned to be a creative thinker.”
Camille Hearst, Co-founder and CEO, Kit
Our Values

Distance Travelled

We love founders who have overcome long odds to get where they are today. Nothing is more authentic than the growth that comes from struggle. We invest in first time founders and proven ones.

What We Look For

Early stage

We typically first invest in Seed or Seed Extension rounds where we believe we can add the most value. We also selectively invest in Series A companies.

Hard Problems

We only invest in founders solving problems that, if solved, can create a tremendous amount of value for customers and stakeholders. Bold, ambitious visions are favored over modest ones.

Product Market Fit

Can you demonstrate that product market fit can be achieved on a modest amount of capital?

Sector Agnostic

We’re particularly fond of AI/Machine Learning, Mobile, Cloud, Healthcare & Education. We love technology and especially software.

Technical background

Do you have two or more founders? And does at least one have a technical background? We rarely invest in teams that do not have at least one technical founder.

Shared values

Trust, integrity, putting customers and stakeholders first, inclusion and honesty are all must haves.